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July 4 marks CARICOM Day

Today is observed as CARICOM DAY with 2019 being its 45th anniverssary.  It is a public holiday in Guyana and several other Caribbean nations, excluding Belize.  Secretary General for CARICOM, Ambassador Irwin LaRocque delivered an address focusing on Caricom’s relations with the United Nations and how it is being used to the benefit of the Caribbean countries.  Here is a snippet of his 5-minute address.

Ambassador Irwin LaRocque – Secretary General for CARICOM: “The four main pillars upon which our community is built is namely economic integration, foreign policy coordination, human and social development and security cooperation in accord with the United Nations four pillars: peace and security, human rights, the rule of law and development. Caricom member states have always been key proactive participants in addressing the wide range of issues on the United Nations agenda and in making their unique contributions to confronting global problems with global solutions. These challenges have included climate change, pandemic diseases such as HIV AIDS and NCDs, economic and social development, including the implementation of agenda 2013. Just recently one of our member states St. Vincent and the Grenadines became the smallest state ever elected to the United Nations Security Council. The United Nations is also an organization to which SIDS such as ours bring our vulnerability challenges. We have seen the United Nations and the specialized agencies take up challenges of SIDS, for example, when hurricanes Irma and Maria struck our region in 2017 and devastated and adversely impacted several countries the United Nations stood with us and was speedy in its response to support the affected countries. There is no greater testimony to this than the visit of Secretary General Anthony Gutierrez to the affected states immediately after the disaster. Our joint initiatives to build more resilient states by building back better further our shared objective of a sustainable future for the region. It is natural therefore that our celebration of CARICOM Day, the day on which we in CARICOM celebrate and  recognize developments in the region should also find expression at the United Nations.”

CARICOM Day marks the signing on July 4, 1973 of the Treaty of Chaguaramas creating the Caribbean Community and Common Market. /////