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June Crime at a High this Year

Statistics show that in month of June this year, crime has been significantly higher than that of June 2018. Yesterday, at the police press brief, the Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, was able to give exact numbers.

Commissioner of Police – Chester Williams: “The month of June we took a shellacking, that is the truth. Last year June we had four murders and this year June we had seventeen, that is a significant increase. Any objective observer would concede to the fact that many of the murders in June were things that the police had no control over. It was not a situation where the gang violence was rampant and was getting out of control. Yes while we took a shellacking in the month of June I do not equate that to the fact that our strategy is failing. Since then we have regrouped, we have looked at tweaking our strategy to see how we can normalize things. I believe that the month of July so far has not been what we expected but much better than the month of June was.”

The Belize Crime Observatory (BCO) monitors crimes and releases a detailed analysis for every month. The BCO has been recognized by the Ministry of National Security as a framework for national intelligence. For the month of June they analysed that most of the homicides that occurred were gang related; however, the Commissioner says otherwise.

Commissioner of Police – Chester Williams: “The crimes that occurred in June, majority of them, over 80% of them were not committed by gang members or persons whom we know to be gang members. Let us not get ahead of ourselves and try to bring down the police. I am sure and again any objective observer would concede that gang violence has been down since January and remains to be down to present. Well if that is there then I will refute that.”

According to the ComPol, the month of July 2019 has seen less crime than June.//////