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Justice for Christie: Osman Found Guilty of Killing His Girlfriend in 2011

32 year old Osman Sabido has been found guilty of the murder of his 22 year old girlfriend, Christie Carrasco. The young woman was stabbed to death on the night of February 28, 2011 at their home in Orange Walk Town.  The judgement was handed down today by Justice Herbert Lord in the Orange Walk Supreme Court.  Sabido was sentenced to life imprisonment. The post mortem certified that Carrasco died from a stab wound to the heart which penetrated her heart and punctured the left lung.   In the trial which was prosecuted by Javier Chan of the DPPs office, Sabido was represented by Attorney, Oscar Selgado. Prosecutor Chan called 13 witnesses before closing their case. The trial began on March 16 and concluded on March 23 when Judge Lord had reserved his ruling in the trial by judge without jury for today. In his ruling, Judge Lord laid down his reasons for rejecting all of Sabido’s defence; and there were a number, ranging from Carrasco’s death being an accident to that of provocation. Sabido in his defence first told the court that Christie’s death was an accident.  He said that she held on to the knife and stabbed herself.  He told the court that when he came home from work, Christie accused him of being with another woman.  However, prosecutor, Javier Chan in rebutting that version of Sabido’s defence called witnesses including Carrasco’s aunt and mother.    Sabido also told the court that Christie came home and told him that she believe she was pregnant but for another man.  He allege that at that point, after hearing that, he slapped Christie then he sat down and did nothing.  In respect to his piece of information coming from the defence, Judge Lord rule that in his view of the evidence, Sabido was not provoked at that time hence he did not accept his defence of provocation.  As it relates to his version of it being an accident, he alleged that Christie came behind him with a knife and he held her hand while they were inside the house and she ended up stabbing herself in the knee and cutting her left hand with the knife.  Sabido further said that when he walked away from Christie, she still had the knife and that is when she came to attack him again and they both fell to the ground and she was then stabbed to the chest and when he tried to get up, she pulled him down and that is when she got stabbed a second time.  Of interest to note is that there was no blood found inside the house only outside, on the street side by Scenes of Crime personnel who processed the area.  Based on that evidence, Judge Lord did not believe Sabido’s version of events and said in his view, the stabbing incident occurred outside the house and not inside the house as Sabido told the court. To prove the crown case and to show the court that the incident occurred outside, Prosecutor Chan called another witness, a neighbour of Christie’s who lived across the street from the couple.  He testified that he saw when Sabido stabbed Christie, which was calculated at the last of the four stab wounds she sustained to the left side of her chest area.  It took Judge Lord almost two hours to deliver his guilty verdict against Sabido.