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Justice Lucas Quashes Al Jones’ Conviction

An inferior court appeal by 27 year old Al Jones, succeeded today when Justice Adolph Lucas ruled that they were discrepancies in the testimonies of prosecution witnesses and he quashed the conviction, set aside the sentence and acquitted Jones. On March 15, 2016, Jones was convicted of possession of a point thirty eight revolver and he was sentenced to five years by the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Jones’ attorney, Anthony Sylvestre, appealed on five grounds. But only one ground was necessary for Justice Lucas to consider and that was the decision was erroneous in point of law in that the learned trial magistrate failed to properly direct her mind in respect of material inconsistencies on the prosecution’s case. At the trial one police officer, police constable Eric Reid said that there was no brand on the firearm while the other officer police constable Earl Hamilton said that the firearm did not have any brand nor serial number. A certificate from the then firearm examiner Orlando Vera stated that the firearm had a brand and serial number. Jones was charged on May 27, 2015, when police reported that they saw him with what resembled a firearm on Raccoon Street Extension and when he saw them he ran and threw away the object. At the appeal the Crown was represented by Crown Counsel Janelle Tillett.