Justice Recuses Himself in Jared Ranguy Murder Case

Justice Recuses Himself in Jared Ranguy Murder Case

He is accused of murdering his stepfather, mother and sister- tonight Jared Ranguy has convinced the court to have Senior Counsel Godfrey Smith represent him. Smith is now Ranguy’s seventh attorney and the only one he has not fired, yet. Justice Ricardo Sandcroft decided to allow Smith three months to prepare for the trial. And in another turn of event, Justice Sandcroft recused himself saying that he is not comfortable with the recent developments. These recently developments has the Skeen family concerned. Late this evening Love News spoke to Rene Skeen. 

Rene Skeen, Family of Victims: “This morning he was brought to court and he was assigned another attorney. He then fired the attorney saying that he wasn’t comfortable with that attorney and if we can remember if we can track back yesterday when the judge said that he would allow the then Mr.Godfrey Smith showed interest in wanting to defend Jared Ranguy they asked for three months, the judge said no I’ll give one month for you to prepare for your case. Something happened today we really don’t know what happened but we were called to come to court today. We went back today and not to mention we were given thirty minutes to get there. We entered the courtroom and the judge then stated to the court that he will recuse himself from the case. Basically he said that he would give Godfrey Smith the law firm the three months they requested or as long as they wanted to that’s his words and for that reason he will recuse himself from the case. Other than that basically we really don’t know why he did recuse himself.”

Reporter: Is it that this just came out of left field ? 

Rene Skeen, Family of Victims:­ “Yes actually the family was very optimistic about the case to be called in a month. If you can remember yesterday he said a month which was supposed to be May 2nd so we were very optimistic and yes it came out of left field because this was the last news we would have expected to hear.”

Reporter: And is it distressing ? Concerning ? It’s been over ten years now.

Rene Skeen, Family of Victims: “This happened November 25th 2012 so it’s a little over ten years ago and I want to say that some I think a year or two ago he was granted bail and it was all over the radio and tv station that why would they hold a prisoner this long ? And they come with all kind of theory and everything but just for the defense of the justice system about three years after the murders the case was supposed to start and I want to make this clear that he fired his first attorney at that time. Since then – I don’t want to get into everything but since then seven years later he had fired six attorneys so he is behind bars because he is the one that is firing attorneys at will. Now we’re at where Godfrey Smith law firm will defend him. The message I want to get across is what message will we give the kids watching today if you think it’s okay to kill your entire family and you will have a great attorney and walk ? That’s where we have a big concern so like I said we’re not worried we’re very much concerned.”

According to Skeen, while these developments has the family concern, they still have hope that justice will prevail. Skeen says that the family is considering hiring an attorney to assist the prosecution for the trial. 

Rene Skeen, Family of Victims: “We have heavy hearts at this time but we as a family decide we will stick it out no matter what. Jared Ranguy if he walks it won’t be easy. It won’t be because of the family not doing what we’re supposed to do, witnesses not coming to court. You go to court and you see every time this case is called there’s a lot of witness coming so it won’t be on our part we’re doing our part. We’re hoping that they would be fair and the justice system works for the Skeen family. That’s what we’re looking for.”

Reporter: And finally Mr.Skeen is the Skeen family considering hiring an attorney to help the prosecution ? 

Rene Skeen, Family of Victims: “It’s so weird you asked that question because just today we were advised that maybe we should. It’s something we’re probably going to look into and not to say that we don’t have faith in the prosecution these people are working hard I will give it to them. We believe in them, trust in them but we want to like the saying says sleep with your own eyes. But I want to add something more if you’d give me the chance the judge that recused himself today I’ve never had the privilege or the honor to meet him personally but he gave me a lot of hope by the way he presented himself so respectfully, so professionally. He seemed to me a man of integrity and by him being this person I had so much confidence at this time yes we feel a little broken but not 100% broken.”

Back in November 2012, Ranguy was charged with murder. He stand accused of murdering Karen Skeen-Vellos, her husband, Richard Vellos and her daughter Teena Skeen. The shocking triple murder happened at their house in Ladyville.

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