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Justices of the Peace Association holds election in Toledo

The Toledo District chapter of the Justices of the Peace Association held elections over the weekend to choose a new executive. Here again is Senior Correspondent Paul Mahung, who forms part of the team, tells us more in the following report.

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: New executive officers were elected for Toledo JP’s association. The election of new executive officers was conducted by president of National Association of JPs Honorable Adrian Danny Madrid who spoke to Love News at the event.

Adrian Danny Madrid, President, National Association of JPs

Adrian Danny Madrid, President, National Association of JPs: “We’re here in the Toledo district and we had the annual general meeting in Punta Gorda. I must say that we had a very productive meeting today. There were speeches and questions and answers and we really had a fun time at the chapters meeting. And we had the election of new officers in the name of Ms.Brenda Guy the president, vice president is Ray Coleman, secretary is Anita Lucas, treasurer Ms.Leoni Requena. As usual the public relations officer who always does a good job Mr.Bruno Coopinger as councilor and Mr.Jose Cobb as councilor. I reminded the committee that once you’re elected in this committee and the JP’s association is that we must live up to our name as good JPs and that we must work for the community, work along with the police, work along with the new administration and do the best that we can for our association as we are servants of the people and we work the system which it says to use the pen which is mightier than the sword.”

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Guest speaker Senior JP and Commissioner of the Supreme Court Madrid who was also guest speaker officially swore in the seven new officers of Toledo Association of JPs into two year terms of office. The annual general meeting also included an address by newly appointed Deputy Commander of Toledo Police Formation Inspector Daniel Pascual who expressed gratitude to active Toledo JPs, senior JPs and Commissioners of Supreme Court for their continued assistance to police in Toledo and emphasized the need for good and effective cooperation of members of the public and police in working together for the safety of all Toledo inhabitants and a halt to criminal activities in this district. Those present at the Toledo Association of JP’s AGM held at TCC campus included representatives of the National JP Association, interested applicants and members of the Toledo Association of JPs, senior JPs and Commissioners of Supreme Court and Punt Gorda Police Formation.