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Justices of the Peace to hold AGM

The Association of Justices of the Peace will be holding its annual general meeting on Sunday. Today we spoke with Adrian Danny Madrid who shared some of the challenges faced by the Association. He also spoke of the upcoming AGM.

Adrian Madrid – President, JP’s Association

“ We have Justices of the Peace in this country who when they sign the oath, they sign that they will serve the people without fear or favor and sometimes that doesn’t happen.  It happens because of the system that we are using to appoint JPs which I hope would change because where some JPs are being appointed politically and when you are appointed politically that is one of the problems that exists because the politician can call you and tell you what to do and members pay their dues which is $5 a month or $50 if you pay for the year. What we do to help some JPs sometimes if there is someone who dies and is a JP and doesn’t have any financing we assist with that or we would send a wreath to the person who died and so forth but we do have an account and we do work hard to help our fellow JPs. We’re having the meeting at St. Mary’s Hall and it will be held this Sunday the 29th of January commencing at 9am. We will have the reading of the previous meeting so that it can be heard and authorized and seconded by our fellow JPs and then we have a report by the treasurer and then we have a guest speaker and the guest speaker for this year is the Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith