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Justices of the Peace being regulated

The Attorney General’s Ministry has made it mandatory for Justices of the Peace to verify their status by submitting relevant documents.  The verification process has ended earlier this month. Crown Counsel, at the Attorney General’s Ministry, Briana Williams they intend to regulate the system.

Briana Williams – Crown Counsel, Attorney General’s Ministry: “Everybody now will get a specific instrument; it will be the certificate that they will; some people refer to it as a commission, some refer to it as a certificate and that is another thing. Some people just have the oath because when you get sworn in you take an oath and you sign it and you get your certificate. Some people just have the oath, some people don’t have. It’s so varied and we are trying to put some uniformity to it especially because of the type of work that a JP does. Remember they are certifying people’s land documents, marriage certificate; they perform marriages, Sr. JP’s can perform marriages. Right now we have the voters re-registration process. They can certify a photo for someone; so these are people that play a big role in the society and weren’t having any real type of real regulations over them.”

Williams said that some of the Justices of the Peace have already been verified; while others are being confirmed. Those who did not apply have forfeited their status as a Justice of the Peace.