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Police: Justified Force was used in barrage of shots against thief

We told you earlier in the week about the daring robbery in the Gungulung area of Belize City. Two men on a motorcycle robbed an Orange Walk Ice Delivery truck.  One of them shot Carlos Triminio on the leg. The police chased one of the suspects and there was tremendous gunfire when they caught up to him in the Neals Pen Road area. Today at a press briefing, the Officer in Charge of CIB said the use of force was justified and there were no houses in the direction which the officer was shooting.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, Belize Police Department: “On Tuesday just after or before two o’clock Mr.Treminios was doing a delivery in the Gungulung area, he is a Belizean truck driver of Orange Walk, when whilst he was inside of his truck he was approached by two male persons on board a black in color motorcycle. One of the male persons was armed with a firearm who went directly to him, opened the truck’s door and began hitting him in the head with the firearm. Thereafter the gunman fired three shots at him injuring him on his left leg. He was rushed to the hospital, he was treated and discharged that same afternoon from the hospital. At the time stolen from him was a small fanny bag which contained a small undisclosed amount of cash. As a result police were in the area, they were alerted and they set chase on these two male persons who were on board this motorcycle and they ended up catching on of them in the Racoon Street extension behind some bushes. Also in the immediate area the police found the same bag that was stolen from the truck driver. “

Reporter: “Was there any money in it?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo, Belize Police Department: Yes there was a small amount of cash inside of it.

Reporter: “The individual who was detained was he charged?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo, Belize Police Department: “I know that he will be charged sometime this morning and will be going to court this afternoon.”

Reporter: “What will be the charges?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo, Belize Police Department: “That will be robbery and also during the pursuit he fired several shots at the police so he will be charged also for aggravated assault against the police officers. I saw the video and the area where the police were shooting, yes the surroundings area residential area but the actual firing was inside of the bushes, there were no houses inside the immediate area and the amount of shots were fired I cannot tell you if somebody fired a shot at me and I have an M16 I will empty the entire magazine but that is me -no I cannot tell you how many shots were fired or not that is dependent on everybody. Once your life is in danger if you have a firearm you have every right to defend yourself, once it is justified within the means which I think it was.”