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Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund to hold fundraiser

Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund has planned its first fundraiser to be held tomorrow in Belize City. Kareem Clarke who was gunned down in July was a reporter for the Amandala newspaper. The fund which was created in his memory by his friends in the media looks at eliminating hunger among school children. As its first fundraiser, members of the media will be posted in three different locations in Belize City where they will be holding a food drive. Treasurer of the Fund, Marisol Amaya, told us more.

Marisol Amaya – Treasurer

So tomorrow we are having our first fund raiser and as I mentioned it’s a food drive and there will be three areas within Belize City where we will be stationed and by we, I mean media colleagues. You have Marleni Cuellar Channel 5, Dwayne Moody, Hipolito Novelo from Love Fm, we also have Emanuel Pech coming up from Plus Television down in Belmopan and so many more. We have KREM’s news anchor, I’m sure I’m forgetting others like Kareem’s family members I know his brother is coming out, his mom and so will his sister Melanie and other people and its starting at 10am and ends at 2pm at KPARK in the Kings Park area of Belize City and then Brodie’s on the Highway and the Brodie’s down town. We are very much grateful for them having us post ourselves outside their stores and ask the public to just purchase an extra item, dry goods as well as canned goods and just deposit that in our carts that we will be having outside and for those who have those items at home and they may want to make that donation they can just drop off at those three different spots for tomorrow from 10am to 2pm and immediately after we will be delivering to the person who heads the feeding program for the St. Vincent De Paul society, Ms. Medina and she will be running down the list of items that were donated to them so that there is accountability in this process.”

Kareem Clarke was shot and killed on July 6 on Vernon Street. No one has been charged for his murder.