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Kareem Clarke’s Suspected Killer Detained by Police

In a shooting incident that occurred on Saturday, Glen Murrillo was shot to the hand whilst on Vernon Street in Belize City.  Quick response to the sounds of gunshots led to the detention of a 16-year-old boy who police believes was the gunman.  Sources indicate that the young man, who is out of school and unemployed, is believed to have been involved in the murder of news reporter, 27-year-old, Kareem Clarke.  Senior Superintendent Chester Williams spoke briefly on the investigation.


“Yes, we do know who shot Mr. Clarke and Mr. Romero will brief you further.  He is the one in that investigation. I believe they have someone detained right now and he will tell you more about that.”

Superintendent Hilberto Romero spoke to the media on the current status of the investigation into Clarke’s murder.


“Well, at this time we have one minor in custody for that murder.  We are doing follow up work right now and we will determine whether he will be charged. There are officers working on that case right now but we have one minor detained at this time. Motive has not been established. We are doing follow up work and we will know by tomorrow whether we can charge him for that murder but right now he is only detained pending an investigation at this time. I will not go further to give the details; we will do our follow up work between today and tomorrow.”

Clarke was laid to rest this past Saturday at the Lord Ridge Cemetery following funeral service at Saint Joseph Church.  A group of media representatives has gotten together and formed the Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund which seeks to continue support the education of six children relatives who Clarke took under his wings to put through school as well as assist in the feeding program at Saint Joseph’s Primary School.