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Kareem Musa ready to face off against Lee Mark Chang in Caribbean Shores

Kareem Musa was elected to Parliament in 2015 for the Caribbean Shores division.  He has kept the division in the blue and has seen several from the UDP fighting to be his opponent.  The dust has settled and Lee Mark Chang has outdone Leila Peyrefitte, Darrell Bradley and Santino Castillo who all had eyes on the division.  Musa spoke to the media today on going head to head with Chang in the next election.

Kareem Musa – Shadow Minister, Communications and Public Utilities: “I like my opponent, I think unfortunately for him though he would be a victim of circumstance because he comes out of the belly of the beast so to speak in terms of whom he is aligned within the UDP, in terms of his involvement in the UDP and his failure to address all of the instances of corruption over the last twelve years while the UDP has been in Government. He has been I think the President of the Senate, he ran in the Freetown Division and then came over to Caribbean Shores. I think a lot of people are very skeptical when you have candidates bouncing from division to division and unlike his predecessor Mr. Bradley who tried his darnedest to distance himself from status quo UDP, I don’t think the same applies to my opponent. I am told that on the day of the convention he had the gentleman that took the passport to Taiwan, he was right there as bagman and then on the right hand he had the Sanctuary based Senator. It is all showing that he is deeply embedded in what the UDP status quo has been all these years so I think he is going to have a difficult time with the swing voters. My approach has always been Jules that I am focusing on education for my people, I am focusing on jobs for my people and I am focusing on health care. These are all things that have been failing under this UDP Government and I am very grateful that in 2015 the people of Caribbean Shores took a chance on me because Caribbean Shores never goes in a position, you know this being a resident but they took a chance on me, they believed in me and trust me the next go around when PUP wins Caribbean Shores will not be left behind.”

The next general election is slated for 2020.////]