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Kareem Musa speaks on PUP’s G11

Apart from being an attorney, Kareem Musa is also the PUP’s Standard Bearer for Caribbean Shores and he sits on a sub-committee within the PUP that is carrying out with negotiations with the G-11 members.  Today, we asked Musa for an update.

 Kareem Musa – PUP Standard bearer, Caribbean Shores

We are in negotiations with them, discussions with them at this time. I am actually part of the subcommittee speaking with them. I actually just got a call from Mr. Thompson and we are planning a subsequent meeting so that’s a work in progress in any political party, it’s actually healthy to have discussions. It’s always healthy to have dissension if there is some middle ground that can be reached so long as at the end of the day their concerns are genuine concerns then I think we have to be able to discuss, we have to be able to meet at that middle ground so we plan to get there.

Hipolito Novelo – Love News

“Sir how would you answer the criticism that the PUP wants to solve the country’s problem however some people are saying it cannot even solve its own internal problems?”

Kareem Musa – PUP Standard bearer, Caribbean Shores

“I wouldn’t say that we can’t solve our internal problems. I’m just saying that right now we have a lot of qualified, talented individuals who have their own way of thinking. Everybody has their own idea of what needs to be done in the party, what needs to be done for the country and like I said so long as at the end of the day we have that common goal of making life better for every Belizean, I think that we will be able to overcome whatever obstacles we have. I’ve always said that we should never sacrifice qualified, talented individuals just to have what the UDP has because then the Belizean people will not be getting the best of us. We need to always put our best foot forward and so if that means we have all these individuals with their own way of thinking we just have to be able to get to that common ground put our best foot forward and represent the people the best way we could. 

The PUP’s Power to the People next stop is in Sandhill where Major Lloyd Jones will be endorsed as the party’s Standard Bearer for Belize Rural North. Musa says that the G-11 are welcome to participate, and if they do not then the tour simply continues without them as it has being doing.

Kareem Musa – PUP Standard bearer, Caribbean Shores

They’re invited on each occasion so we hope to see them join the tour very soon. The national tour has to continue and the people’s business as to continue so we won’t stop the national tour. We must continue so long as they are on the ground in their respective divisions putting in the work I think that’s all that we can ask for at this time. Certainly unity plays a huge role but I am very confident that the closer we get to the election we will reach that middle ground.”

Hipolito Novelo – Love FM News

“Do you feel that Francis Fonseca can lead the PUP to a victory?”

Kareem Musa – PUP Standard bearer, Caribbean Shores

“I absolutely 100% agree and know that he will lead us into victory.”.

The PUP’s Power to the People tour has been to the Cayo, Toledo and Stann Creek Districts.