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Kareem Musa’s hope to expand the police department

Minister of Home Affairs, Kareem Musa has expressed hope to expand the Belize Police Department to up to four thousand.  Musa told the media today that it will certainly not happen overnight but it is necessary and possible.

Kareem Musa, Home Affairs & New Growth Ministries: “There is a need for more police officers. We have had meetings with the ComPol, we have done our assessments especially now with COVID I can tell you that we have currently a hundred and nine officers that are positive and a hundred and fifteen that are awaiting their test results and so we are understaffed especially now in COVID but even moving forward it is not like COVID will be with us forever, our financial state will not be in the mud forever, we will bounce back as a country. It will take some time but I foresee that whenever it is that we do rebound and we do bounce back that getting this pledge fulfilled is something that I’m very serious about; increasing the ranks and we mentioned it on the last occasion of doing it incrementally. Obviously it won’t be four thousand officers one lick but perhaps taking it up to three thousand within a year I think is a reasonable thing to expect.”