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Kareem Supports Francis and Condemns Slander Campaigns

In the last National Party Council meeting for the People’s United Party, a resolution was presented that states that the four Deputy Party Leaders will be regional leaders, meaning that each region of the country would be represented.  Kareem Musa, who recently won the Caribbean Shores area in November 2015 had submitted his name for the post of Deputy Party Leader for the Central region.  Since he had no one contesting him, he will automatically be dubbed one of the Deputy Party Leaders after the Special National Convention set for January 31.  With this convention taking centre stage on the political scene, we are capitalizing on every opportunity to hear from the powers that be under the blue and white tent.  Kareem Musa, who is the son of Fort George Area Representative, Said Musa, spoke to the media today on the upcoming convention.


“January 31 is a very important date, I am just one of almost three thousand delegates so I only have one vote and I am glad you asked me my view because that is important. As you know I put myself up for the deputy leader of the east. It seems I am not going to be uncontested so I have a bigger role to play in the party now and certainly I have to be able to work with anyone of those three gentlemen: Mr. Francis Fonseca, the Honorable John Briceno or the Honorable Cordel Hyde so as a deputy party leader I have to ensure that I can work with any one of them at any given time and I have the utmost respect for all of them.”

And while Musa speaks on unity and its importance in the party, he as a delegate in the upcoming convention will have to choose who he will support for party leader.  Musa made no qualms about saying who is supporting and why.


“In terms of  your question as to who I support, I can only support one unfortunately because I think they all have very good qualities and each of us, each of the delegates that go to vote on January 31, we have different standards, different tests that we apply and as a young politician to me, what is important is loyalty to party, loyalty to your people; to me that is very important,  being a team player; very important to me and to me the individual that best embodies those qualities of those leaders that can build a team is the Honorable Francis Fonseca.”

In past newscasts we have told you about the fighting and slander taking place among the PUP supporters on social media and we have heard past Party Leader John Briceno condemning the behaviour as well as PUP’s Chairman, Henry Charles Usher; Musa joined those men in doing the same.


“I want to join my voice along with the many voices at the national party council to condemn those that are on social media, I think that is completely out of order, completely unnecessary especially those that are getting personal. There’s no problem in supporting one particular candidate. We all have our own views, that’s normal and that is what an election is about; that’s the beauty of this election is that we all get to go to the polls and vote for who we want. There’s no need to get nasty, there’s no need to get petty and get slanderous. I condemn that.”

As for his announcement that he is in support of Francis Fonseca, Kareem Musa went on to say why and what his sentiments are with Fonseca’s failure in leading the PUP back to Belmopan.


“You have to look at history. Dean Barrow as you know was party leader for the UDP for eight years before he got a victory in 2006. Remember 1998 to 2006 UDP they could not win at all. I didn’t hear anybody saying oh Dean Barrow is weak, Dean Barrow is weak we have to get rid of him . The party stayed its course. They stayed with who they believed was the best leader and they eventually won. Now Francis Fonseca has only been the leader from 2011; that’s only four years. He’s certainly been taking a lot of heat; a lot of negative things and I think that has a lot to do with the undermining in our party.”

Kareem Musa is serving his very first term as an elected representative as he outdid Darrell Bradley at the polls in the Caribbean Shores division.