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Is keeping school gates closed until 8:30 am safe?

On Tuesday, Principal of St Matthew’s Government School, Shakeyra Berry, explained the rationale behind a new school policy that sees children only accessing the school’s compound at eight thirty in the mornings.  Today, a concerned parent from the school contacted us and told us that the students are exposed to a higher risk if they are forced to wait on the roadside.

Natalie Acosta, Concerned Parent: ““I had no idea that was going to be the scenario coming Monday morning to school. When we got there and we were looking to go in the gate the principal turned around and said ‘unu can’t go in because dah 8:30 everybody have to go in.” Everybody was there waiting. It was the first day of school, something like that isn’t supposed to happen. All the kids were excited to reach to school for the first day of school not knowing the gate would be closed on them. The principal walked in with her kid, how she expects the other kids to feel when she is walking in with her kids? That’s why I told her what is good for the goose is good for the gander, if her kids can go in before 8:30 then why can’t the rest of the kids go in before 8:30? My concern is the kids on the street side that they leave outside the gate, we don’t know what could happen when parents aren’t around and vehicles are passing them, motorcycle is passing them you never know what could happen maybe a blowout or their brakes fail them.” 

The teachers and parents are meeting today on the issues some parents might have with the school’s decision, Love News is following the story.
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