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Keith Gilges, Charge d’ Affaires for the US Embassy Belmopan speaks on the importance of voting

The referendum on April 10th, 2019 is one of the most important decisions Belizean’s will have to make. Keith Gilges, Charge d’ Affaires for the US Embassy in Belmopan also believes it is important it is for Belizean’s to vote.

Keith Gilges  US Charge d’ Affairs:Every adult citizen in a democracy has a right to vote, Belize’s voter re registration campaign began in July. At this time about 60% of eligible voters have registered. I know it is not always easy to take the time necessary from work and family responsibilities to go register but it is vital that everyone do so and next year on April 10th Belizean’s will exercise their right on whether Belizean’s should submit their territorial dispute with Guatemala to International Court of Justice. Every vote counts and you have an important impact on the outcome. It is important that everyone that can vote learns about the history of the dispute, the previous attempts to solve it and the referendum itself. Ultimately the choice is yours, don’t let others decide for you.”