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Kelvin Usher returns

Seventeen-year-old Kelvin Usher has returned home. He was found sometime early this morning along the Old Northern Highway. (VO STARTS)He was taken to his Father’s house on Sibun Street in Belize City where a group of family, friends, and neighbors gathered while police personnel spoke with the family inside Usher’s house. In the meantime, the media was barred from taking any pictures or recording any footage. After about an hour, shortly after eleven o’clock in the morning, the older Usher addressed the gathering saying that faith brought his son back to them. A few minutes later, Kelvin was brought out with a blue towel over his head. Using a bullhorn, he recited a prayer before he was taken away to the police station. Love News spoke with his mother who told us part of what her son said he endured in the forest since Sunday afternoon.