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Kendis Flowers’ family is not convinced police are innocent

While the Police Department have gone on record to say that a surveillance video they obtained after the murder exonerates a particular police officer who had been named, Flowers’ family insists a cover-up is in play by the department. The family also requested to view the video, and according to reports, they have seen it. However, they say that the video does not show anything related to Flowers’ murder. On Wednesday the media asked Commander Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett to confirm whether the department has assisted the family in that manner. He said he did not know if that had happened and would not go into any further detail as the department is working to solidify their case for court proceedings. 

Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino, C.I.B, Belize City:  “Well I know that there is an individual wanted in regards to Mr. Flowers’ Murder. I cannot comment on regards to any wanted poster and any situation in regards to any wanted poster but we do have someone that is wanted in connection with that murder that is all that I can say.”

What sorts of measures have been put in place to prevent families of Kendis Flowers to take action into their own hands with this person of interest?

Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino, C.I.B, Belize City:  “I believe there has been I know that there has been some mediation done by Deputy Compol Mr. Williams and that there are other measures put in place, I think more patrols have been put in place in regards to and of course it is being followed closely and any additional resources that need to be put in place will be done.”

As we mentioned earlier, police continue to seek one person of interest.