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Kenroy Arnold Murdered in Ladyville, Belize District

On Tuesday, March 17, an attempt to take the life of 29-year-old, Kenroy Arnold was made in Ladyville Village, Belize District.  As fate would have it, Arnold did not die and only received gunshot injuries to his back and right hand.  In that investigation, two men were charged, namely, 30-year-old, Alrick Smith and 23-year-old, Ronald Michael, who were remanded to Belize Central Prison but are now out on bail.  Exactly sixty days later, another attempt was made to kill Arnold and this time, whoever wanted him dead got their wish.  Encalada Home - LadyvilleIt happened after midnight on Saturday at a home on Perez Road in Ladyville Village, Belize District.  Marla Encalada resides at the house where the shooting happened and so, the 7-month pregnant woman saw how it all unfolded as she was just getting home from running an errand within the village.


“We came back and before we had time to put down our bikes, we heard three shots ring at the back of my father’s room and we saw Kenroy running from the back coming to the front, he passed me and went to the back of the apartment and going towards the back yard and three seconds after, I saw him running past me again to get to the front of the house to protect himself. Instead of running, going out on the street, he went directly to my room and the gunman was close waiting for him to see what direction he was going in. He pulled my door shut and left me outside with the gunman and I was at the corner of my house near the fence. All I could think about was to run to my neighbor’s house and I begged the gunman not to shoot me. I ran for cover and that is when three shots fired behind me in my direction.  The police say it was four rounds because they found a bullet that was not fired on the ground. Honestly I didn’t see the gunman’s face. Encalada Home2 - LadyvilleHe was tall with a hoodie and something tied around his face. My lamppost light wasn’t working at the time and the light was off when the gunman was there and with the quickness with which it happened I sped off the scene and left everything open and went to my neighbor’s house and when I went to her house she didn’t open the door but when I went to the second neighbor she accepted me into her house. I asked them to call the police for me but I called them and told them the address.”

According to police their investigation is coming up somewhat empty as there have been no arrests made in this investigation and a motive is yet to be ascertained.  Police Press Officer, Raphael Martinez spoke with the media today.


“Police went to a residence on Perez Road in Ladyville where they saw 29-year-old, Kenroy Arnold suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the body. Initial investigations revealed that Kenroy was at that residence along with a few members of that residence when somebody or reportedly, three men came from behind the building and fired several shots at him causing his fatal injuries. He was taken to the KHMH where, while undergoing treatment he succumbed to his injuries. So far we have not established a motive for this homicide and secondly he was the intended target.”

Later on in our newscast, we will hear from the Arnold sisters who spoke on the fact that Kenroy’s life was recently threatened and their discontent at how the police officers handled the situation on Saturday night.