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Kent Brooks Dies 10 Days After Being Shot

Eighteen year old Kent Brooks has passed away due to injuries he received in a shooting on Lacroix Boulevard in Belize City on the night of June 29. Brooks was standing in front of a yard when he and his friend came under fire by a gun man. Brooks died yesterday at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says they were hoping for him to recover to shed light on the investigation.


“We want to extend our condolences to the parents of Mr.Kent Brooks and yes, yesterday morning he was pronounced dead at the hospital having been removed from list support. We are hoping for the best that he would have recovered and would have been able to shed some light on that ongoing investigation but unfortunately that did not materialize. We basically have an idea who is the trigger man behind those murders but the difficulty always is getting people to give statements as it relates to what they have seen in respect of these incidents and this is where we wish we could get more cooperation from the public because there were many people around when this incident took place and many people saw what took place but because of fear people are afraid to come forward and give statements and evidence. Yes they speak to us behind the scenes but to reduce what they say in writing is another issue and so the investigation at this time is at a standstill.”

Brook’s associate twenty year old Keiran Morrison died on the spot that night.