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Kerri Nabet alleges police brutality

Another report against officers of the Belize Police Department has surfaced. This time around, those accused of using excessive force on Belizean civilians are from the Quick Response Team. According to twenty-year-old Kerri Nabet from Benque Viejo Del Carmen, she and her common-law husband, eighteen-year-old Jared Gonzalez, were assaulted by three members of the QRT on New Year’s morning.  Nabet told Love News what happened.

Kerri Nabet – Victim

“This happened at Picadilli Night Club and Lounge where a block party was being held, the block party was about to finish actually because it was going to finish at 5.  I and my husband were dancing right in front of my aunt and other people when one of the officers came and hit him with the gun right in his face. That is when he flipped to the back and when I turned around to try and hold him to see what was happening two of his friends came and pulled him apart. That was when the other officer came and hit me with the gun. He pointed the gun at my face and he said hit me and that is when I fell to the ground. When I got up I started to tell the officers to look at what they did to me, they hit me and I have witnesses that saw who those officers were that hit me and then after that, they took my husband, another female and another young male to the station. That is when I and my mom walked to the station to try to make a report and they gave me the medical form to go to the hospital. I went to the hospital that same day around 12 and when I went to give the report what they would do if they would let them out and they told me to come back at eight. We have the proof on the surveillance camera that we were dancing when someone hit him; showed when the officer came and hit him first and then at the police station they were saying that they went into the location because they thought that I and my husband were fighting and I and my husband were not fighting. The camera shows that when we were dancing the officer came to hit him. We don’t have any problems, we are not in trouble with anyone or anything.”


“What kind of injuries did you sustain?”

Kerri Nabet – Victim

“I scraped my right knee and my right eye was swollen and it still swollen and purple and I burst my left eyebrow and on my chest, I have the circle of the gun where he pointed it at me.

Nabet had her injuries examined by a doctor and she also had an x-ray done. Her injuries were classified as wounding. Gonzalez was released at nine-thirty on the night of January first and he was charged on Tuesday, January second for assaulting a police officer. According to Nabet, she recognized the officers and can identify them if asked. She has filed a report to the Professional Standards Branch on Tuesday. Commander of the PSB, ACP Chester Williams has confirmed receipt of that report and said that an investigation into the matter has started. According to Nabet, this is the first time she has such an encounter with the police.