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Kevin Bernard wins PUP OW East convention

One hundred and eight voters were the deciding factor in this past Sunday’s PUP Standard Bearer convention in Orange Walk East. Orange Walk Town Mayor Kevin Bernard challenged councilor Josue Carballo to represent the People’s United Party in the division for the next general elections. Bernard garnered 935 votes while Carballo managed to obtain 827 votes. There were 16 spoilt ballots and 5 rejected ballots. Bernard says it is time now to regroup and re-strategize for the elections.

Mayor Kevin Bernard, PUP Standard Bearer: My focus will continue to be in the town as mayor but at the same time I believe that I have a responsibility as now standard bearer to start to prepare. We have re-registration coming up we have some very serious decisions to make we have to reorganize our committees and start to get a functioning executive that will work hard day in and day out so that we can get to that end result which is to bring down the UDP and form the next PUP government.”

Reporter: Okay so has the convention results put a dent in your relationship with Mr.Carballo?

Mayor Kevin Bernard, PUP Standard Bearer: No way. From my end I think there is no way and I think likewise with Josue. “

Reporter: First hurdle was Josue and you overcame that hurdle, now it’s Aragon Jr do you believe you have the stuff that it takes to defeat a sitting minister?

Mayor Kevin Bernard, PUP Standard Bearer: “He’s no challenge I will let you know that. We defeated him with all his money and all his campaign financing in the last municipal election in Orange Walk East we are going to make it even better at the next general elections.”

Also on Sunday, Marconi Leal was endorsed as the Standard Bearer for Belize Rural North.