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Keyur Barot and Jitendra Kumar returned to India after being accused of theft

Keyur Barot and Jitendra Kumar were accused of stealing over sixty thousand dollars in Belizean currency and stealing a vehicle valuing over fifteen thousand dollars from theirn employer Jitendra Chawla.  The men have both returned to India despite facing robbery allegations here in Belize. ACP Joseph Myvett spoke about the case at a press briefing today.

ACP Joseph Myvette: “Statements were video recorded from both persons in the presence of a Justice of the Peace as well as someone from the Human Services department. This is still an ongoing investigation and in cases like these the witness does not necessarily does not have to be present since their video statements were recorded and  in the event that this matter is brought to trial; in some cases testimony by means of Skype is allowed in the court denying on the Judge I believe.”

Reporter: “But in this case why were they relieved you know and they were sent back to India given there may be a possibility that this case might go to further trail?”

ACP Joseph Myvette: “Well that is why I am saying they were in protective custody and I believe they were repatriated back to India.”

Investigations are still ongoing.