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Khalid Belisle comments on Statements Made about him by John Saldivar

Khalid Belisle is looking to go head to head in the convention with the John Saldivar faction. In recent weeks Saldivar has been making statements on social media not only surrounding the upcoming convention but also on Belisle who was once his protégé. Love News spoke to Belisle today on the issue.

Khalid Belisle, Former Mayor of Belmopan: “And I’m certain that he has his reasons for having drawn those conclusions. I can tell you that me offering myself here in Belmopan has nothing to do with the overall leadership battle in the party. As I explained when I first made my announcement my move is as the result of having had conversations with general party supporters here in Belmopan, conversations with people who I consider to be independent voters and even a conversation or two with PUP friends of mine in regards to the direction that the party here in Belmopan maybe ought to go and so I can tell you in my case I don’t know what will play out in the other thirty constituencies countrywide but in my case this is about Belmopan for me, this is not about the elephants fighting at the top.”

In the upcoming convention, the UDP will also be choosing a caretaker representative and an executive committee, which includes delegates and alternates. For the Belmopan race, Saldivar posited that because Party Leader Patrick Faber does not enjoy more than fifty percent support of delegates. Faber has quote “…opted to change his colleagues so there is now an all-out war in the UDP starting with the Belmopan Constituency Convention…” End quote. We asked Belisle for a reaction to his former mentor’s assessment. Here’s what he had to say.

Khalid Belisle, Former Mayor of Belmopan:  His assessment is based on of course his personal opinion and view of things colored by the fact that he himself has made no bones about his leadership aspirations in the past and more than likely in the future were he so eligible to contest once more down the road. I can’t speak for what strategies Mr.Faber, the Honorable Patrick Faber our party leader might have at play in terms of shoring up support for any future leadership conventions. I don’t know that it can be held against him once he has determined his personal course for achieving that majority support that he would need. We’re in the realm of politics and politics is a popularity contest in its basic form whether you’re talking about individual likeability or policy proposals you know the combination of those things by the candidate who can convince the most people that their position is the most popular that’s what gets you elected or selected whatever the case may be and so I understand the Honorable John Saldivar’s arriving at his conclusions maybe but I can also not say that I can fault the Honorable Patrick Faber for pursuing the course that he deems necessary at this point in time. People are pursuing what they deem to be fit and right for themselves.”