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Khalid Belisle Speaks on UDP Convention to Select Belmopan Constituency Committee

A convention to choose the UDP Belmopan Constituency Committee is coming up, reportedly on August fifteen. Khalid Belisle, the city’s immediate past Mayor, spoke to Love News today about his candidacy and his decision to run.

Khalid Belisle, Former Mayor of Belmopan: “Having appeared on another media house’s talk show in the middle of last week and basically having expressed my intention to offer myself to represent the party at the next general election it seems to have triggered a sequence of events that is certainly headed toward a convention here in Belmopan at some point. As best as I know the life of the current committee doesn’t expire for another two and a half months and so this convention would seem to be a little bit premature in terms of the timing maybe but nevertheless when conventions are called those who are interested in representing must answer the call and so it is that myself and the team that I have been working with in the background are preparing to do so. In terms of a message that we are putting forward we’re just saying that it’s time for a rebuild of the UDP here in Belmopan. We had been on a tremendous winning streak in the city I think the last time the UDP had lost was all the way back in 2003 so we had had seventeen years of success which came to a rather surprising, at least in the magnitude, in the November general elections of course and so it is that we have taken the time to look at things and decided that if we’re going to return to our winning ways in Belmopan we should certainly maybe start from scratch again and build from the ground up with the basics, the things we had done while in the opposition in order to become successful and win the seat here in Belmopan firstly and then return to government which is the goal of the overall party.”