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KHMH, 23 years later

The Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital is Belize’s national referral hospital. For the past twenty-three years, the institution has been saving lives and today it commemorated its anniversary with a short ceremony. Michelle Hoare has been with the institution since its inception on September 15, 1995, as a nurse manager and has risen through the ranks and now holds the position of Chief Executive Officer. At today’s ceremony, Hoare spoke about the various services the hospital offers.

Michelle Hoare Chief Executive Officer: “The organization continues to work with occupancy rates upwards of 90% primarily in our general medical and surgical in patient areas. We provide all four general special services and of late we have added adult neonatal and pediatric intensive care services. We continue to provide tertiary care services for the people of Belize in the areas of gastroenterology, ear, nose and throat speciality, urology , nephrology and most recently cardio thoracic services.

At its inception, the hospital had a little over one-hundred beds and today it can accommodate even more inpatients since it now has one-hundred-and-eighty-nine beds. However, Hoare said it is still not enough since the accident and emergency ward continues to need more beds in order to adequately meet the demands brought about by the rise in accidents and the spike in crime.  She also spoke about the future plans of the institution.

Michelle Hoare Chief Executive Officer: “The strategic objective for the next five years aimed at results based management and focus on a sustained drive to increase efficiencies and reduce cost so what is our new vision? We believe that we will be the national leader in the provision of the highest quality and affordable health services for KHMH A . We believe that the set of core values that we defined for the very first time that being: confidentiality in patient care, loyalty to the institution, ethical patient care delivery, accountability in all we do, respectful working interactions and strengthening teamwork.”

Hoare noted that the institution has persevered over the years, but it will take the contribution of everyone to accomplish the vision.

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