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KHMH At 20 Years

The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, formerly known as the New Belize City Hospital is celebrating its twentieth anniversary and the Chief Executive Officer for the medical facility, Doctor Adrian Coye, says that they have greatly expanded services since then and they hope to strengthen the current services offered.


“When we opened our doors we had very general types of services; secondary care, but over the time we evolved to tertiary care level.  So, there is a wide range of services that we now provide and we just want to strengthen them and then, as you say, in a deliberate and constructive way, develop the others that are necessary for people.  I think we should always expect better services because we are continuing to grow and we are continuing to mature in the things that we do and so I can only expect better for what we are doing.”

Coye says that they are in the process of providing a new service to the public, digital mammography.


“In terms of new services we are  happy to say that we will have our breast imaging service, especially, as breast cancer month is in October.  So, we will have it in full gear by then so they can get digital mammography as well as ultrasound for that screening process.”


Presently, there are five hundred and seventy staff members at the KHMH.