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KHMH Chairman Says the Hospital Uses Ivermectin to Treat Severe COVID-19 Cases

The public health facilities in Belize are no issuing small doses of Ivermectin to treat Covid-19 patients. While the Ministry of Health had approved the use of the drug back in December 2020, it is only recently that the prescription drug is being issued to infected persons. According to Dr Andre Sosa, Chairman of the KHMH, Belize is looking further into acquiring more sophisticated treatments.

Reporter: The medicin Ivermectin is perhaps being considered, is that being administered here at the KHMH ?

Dr. Andre Sosa, Chairman, KHMH: “In certain instances yes but I think that the trend will be to move away from Ivermectin. I don’t want to get ahead of myself but we have offers for some of the newer medications to come directly to the KHMH and those offers have been made through one of our colleagues so we will be working on that so that we can have access to expensive medications like the Remdesivir for example that you all might have heard of and several others so that is something that we’re working diligently to assure to procure for the KHMH.”

Reporter: So just to clarify there are people who are receiving the Ivermectin but you’re trying to ween them so to speak away from that ?

Dr. Andre Sosa, Chairman, KHMH: “Well Ivermectin generally is used for mild cases, once they reach here it’s more powerful medications and more targeted medications that you will need so it wouldn’t have so much of an impact here with us.”

In an interview with the ministry’s Dr Melissa Diaz back in December 2020, she explained to Love News, quote, “We, at the Ministry of Health) will be able to tell you the appropriate dosage for your weight, we could tell you the appropriate dosage for your age, we know the contradictions, we know the side effects so we would be better able to guide that person with regard to the use of Ivermectin. It’s not only Ivermectin we also give a lot of other medications to help with symptomatic relief, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Ibuprofen Oral Rehydration salts, vitamin C, vitamin D3. There are many others areas that we also discuss with patients when treating for COVID.” End of quote.