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KHMH in a critical condition

Over the weekend we received reports that a full evacuation of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital was recommended. This is after an assessment of the structure reportedly indicated that there is stress failure in multiple areas of the beam network within the KHMH. We were made to understand that over the past few days, more than one hundred reinforcement pillars have been installed. We were also told that a comprehensive assessment of the situation was done on Friday by Medinas Construction Limited, PAHO, the Government of Belize and an independent engineer. The findings of that assessment were made available to the KHMH Board and the need for a full evacuation was presented as an option. A release from the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority explains that important areas of the hospital cannot be used until a permanent solution is in place. This is already affecting the functionality of several departments at the hospital. The functioning of the KHMHA has been reduced by a minimum of 50%. There will be no elective cases or admissions during this time.  The KHMHA says that the hospital which was never designed to do the work it is now doing is suffering from critical infrastructural failures. A Mexican team of engineers which specializes in the design and construction of Hospitals is on its way to Belize to assess the KHMH. In the meantime, deliveries and Caesarean sections and other serious, life threatening emergencies are still being performed. And while that situation is being addressed with urgency, the People’s United Party says that the matter should have been addressed before debris fell from the ceiling. The PUP says that between 2008 and 2014, the condition of the roof at the KHMH had been documented in the minutes of many Board meetings. They say that the Ministry of Health was aware of the matter for a number of years.