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KHMH gets newly refurbished Labour and Delivery Unit

Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, KHMH, is responsible for approximately one thousand five hundred deliveries for the year.  In order to deliver continued quality care to its patients, it saw the need to upgrade its Labour and Delivery Unit where expecting mothers can deliver their babies in comfort. Michelle Cox-Hoare, the Chief Executive Officer of KHMH, told the media that the renovation took almost two years ago.

Michelle Cox-Hoare – CEO of KHMH:  “The total project cost just over $140,000 of which 50% of that total was supported through the Minister of Health. About 50% of that went to the upgrade of medical gasses which actually was done in three of the main areas of the labor and delivery areas. The labor room which is just across the room from here, we have upgraded medical gasses. There is a three bed capacity in that room and in each of those beds there is medical gas support and the reason for that is in case there are any emergencies, you know patients running into crisis may need monitoring, oxygen, incubation, those types of critical care emergencies; the medical gas support allows for that. The remaining cost for the project went into the structural facility, we had to gut most of the walls where the medical gas pipes had to be installed so all those areas the walls had to be removed and replaced. Women in labor clearly they all need oxygen support, oxygen being liquid oxygen, one of those medical gases has been one of the key medical supplies that we needed to support women in labor. Of Course, you never know when a woman might hemorrhage out needing additional incubation, oxygenation and so in every area where the women are attended, expectant mothers are attended, you need to have readily available these gasses to be able to support them.”

The Minister of Health, Pablo Marin, was also on hand for the re-opening of the refurbished Labour and Delivery Unit and urged persons to pay their bills in order that the hospital can continue to provide the services to the public.

Pablo Marin – Minister of Health: “Happy to know that the finance that we did dedicate to the labor and delivery room was used and also I need to give thanks to the workers, our workers from the KHMH to put their efforts into this work. I just want to reaffirm the commitment of the Government and the Ministry of Health to work hand in hand with KHMH. This is also the opportunity the CEO didn’t mention but yes this KHMH is a statutory body. They need the support from the public, they need also for everyone that is using the facility to contribute and it is minimal what KHMH charges to the patients here. Without their contribution, we won’t be able to continue to expand, continue to help renovate what needs to be renovated.”

Marin said that renovation will be done to other hospitals.