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KHMH holds fair in celebration of nurses week

Becoming a nurse is one of the most selfless career paths a person can choose. Dedicating your life to people who are, most of the time, complete strangers is not an easy task, but nurses do that every day, and this week we celebrate them with nurses week. As a part of this initiative, KHMH held a small fair with different booths representing the different units at the hospital, and students were invited to get an insight into the daily life of a nurse.

Judith Savery – Assistant Nurse Director: “We want to show the students what it is that we do on a daily basis such as our activities, we want them to understand and to be able to as well promote nursing so that later on when they are done school they will say hey let me go and do nursing because it is important to our country, to our community and we would like to be involved in that.”

Marla Swaso – Staff Nurse, Grade 3, Certified Dialysis Nurse: “Well I have been a nurse for thirteen years and I have only been a dialysis nurse for one year so far and honestly dialysis and ICU are my two favorite places to work.

Reporter: “What has experience been like for you over those thirteen years?”

Marla Swaso – Staff Nurse, Grade 3, Certified Dialysis Nurse: “Well, it has been a lot of ups and downs especially when you watch when it comes to health care, that some patients generally can’t afford, like a simple blood test some patients can’t afford so your heart aches for them. When you watch your patient walking down the street and they are living their normal lives. That is the best part of nursing, you work hard on that patient and to see that patient walking down the street, that is the best feeling in the world.”

Reporter: “So what would you say to people who are maybe currently in nursing schools or kids who want to be nurses when they grow up?”

Marla Swaso – Staff Nurse, Grade 3, Certified Dialysis Nurse: “Well if you love the job honestly give your %100. There will be a times when you are stressed out and you are frustrated but think of the patient, treat them as if though they are family and if they being rude call them of in it.”

Judith Savery – Assistant Nurse Director: “Nursing week is so very important, it is the backbone of the medical community and we are here twenty-four hours a day with the patients. The week signifies a time when we will be identified and recognized as persons who are here with your relatives and your friends when you are at home. We are able to work throughout the week with your relatives, we are able to provide the care that they need when you are not around and we are able to give you hope and compassion for your relatives while you are at home. We are challenged every day, nurses are very short. We are faced with double shifts, nurses having to come out of their homes, to be called out to work, nurses here having to do more than sixteen hours per day which is too much. We try to get help from other countries, we have a lot of Filipino nurses at the moment, we have Nicaraguan nurses, we have Nigerian nurses on board with us and they all do a magnificent job to try to assist us in getting our numbers up but it is impossible because the number of patients that are coming in compared to the number of nurses we have to deliver our care, it is a lot so we work very hard.”

The students not only enjoyed the fair, but found it to be very informative.

Semira Rivas 3rd Form Student Nazarene High School: “The fair is all right, I have been learning multiple things to help me in the career that I want to be in which is a Pediatrician.”

Reporter: “What made you want to be a Pediatrician?

Semira Rivas 3rd Form Student Nazarene High School: “I chose to be a pediatrician because I love working with children, I love being around them. While growing up I was always surrounded by children due to the fact that my mother ran a daycare so when it was time to choose my profession it wouldn’t be difficult. When I walked in the first booth taught me how to take care of the children in the incubator, if they are premature how to tend to them so when I came here I was learning more and understanding better than when I was at school.”

KHMH currently has 205 nurses employed, from various countries over the world, including from the Philippines, Nicaragua and Nigeria.

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