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KHMH Looking to Establish a Cancer Care Centre

With the borders closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic the national referral hospital, KHMH has had to show innovation in various areas including oncology. With no facilities available to fully treat cancer patients, the Chairman of the KHMH, Dr Andre Sosa explained that the hospital is now looking to establish a cancer care centre.

Dr.Andre Sosa, Board Chairman, KHMH: “We are fortunate that we have the collaboration of the Social Security Board which has made a grant for a substantial amount of money to be able to purchase in bulk cancer medications. These are medications that the patients have traditionally had to purchase abroad at substantial cost. We’re looking to get them at a much better price in bulk and the patients will still have to pay for them because it’s a revolving fund that will ensure that patients now and in the future will be able to get the treatments they need. That is one example of the hospital being innovative but we want to expand that to other areas. We do chemotherapy, we do diagnostics and we do palliative care as well. The radiotherapy is another step that we have to undertake but if we’re able to collect a substantial amount of what is owed that is one of the areas that we will target to be able to provide radiotherapy as well as advanced cardiology services.”