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KHMH Moves Into Emergency Mode

The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital is currently operating in emergency mode and has activated Phase 3 of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This means the facility has cancelled all elective surgeries and specialist clinics until further notice. Similarly, all visitation to the facility is cancelled until further notice and only items to be dropped off for patients will be allowed three times per day: 9:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. In a release over the weekend the hospital indicated that activating Phase 3 was necessary for additional space.  The hospital’s Chairman, Dr Andre Sosa explained that there were various factors taken into consideration before making the decision.

Dr.Andre Sosa, KHMH Chairman: “The decision has been driven by the realities on the ground. We have agonized over this decision and it was a couple days in coming. We had in real terms reached our limit a couple days before but there was vigorous debate within the institution as to what we could afford to sacrifice in terms of services as well we don’t want to jump the gun and alarm the nation unnecessarily or prematurely but when we really and truly saw that there was no reversal of that trend then we had to make the hard decision of telling the population that if they have access to medical care in their local communities, in their local hospitals, private institutions, etc that it would be better for them to relieve the load on Karl Heusner by seeking attention in those places.”

Dr Sosa went further to say that the weekends pose the most challenges for the hospital as cases are ordinarily referred to the KHMH.

Dr.Andre Sosa, KHMH Chairman: “What that means is that it is more difficult for us to cope with more incoming patients so when the word goes out to the districts we would hope that they are able to cope with the patient load that normally accumulates. For us the big concern on the weekend is that weekends have traditionally meant that everything ends up in Karl Heusner, everything from the districts. So we have sought to limit access to only the emergency cases, the dire cases which can absolutely be handled only at Karl Heusner.”