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KHMH Private Room Renovated via We Care at Atlantic Insurance

The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital has opened a room in the Medical Ward referred to as the gold standard.  The refurbishment of this private room came through the We Care initiative being carried out by Atlantic Insurance Limited.  An official handing over took place this morning where we spoke with Sandra Peters, Marketing Manager for Atlantic Insurance Limited.


“At Atlantic Insurance we started off without We Care campaign last year and one of our managers had their mother hear at the hospital and she mentioned to us that she saw a need and as a part of our We Care campaign we immediately said we had to set up a meeting with Dr.Coye and see if we are able to make this a reality. It’s an adoption of the ward so when you adopt something or someone you take care of them so this is our baby, we are going to take care of this room. We redid the bathroom, we did the tiling and the walls, we installed an AC, a television and all the other niceties that you see in here.”

Chief Executive Officer at the KHMH, Dr Adrian Coye spoke of the gold standard and how it will benefit the patients and the hospital as well as his vision for the institution.


“This room represents a goal standard meaning that I have aspirations for the whole hospital to look like this and so in this journey and this is part of the discussions we’ve had that they have taken a little burden from us to uplift one room which will give us an ability to earn a bit extra along the way. As you know we are a public facility, we are an authority and authority gives us the ability to earn and the earnings we reinvest so all the campaigns you saw from last year was a part of our strategy to let our population understand that the cost of care is increasing. What we receive alone from government will never continue to balloon in the same way and therefore we need to find ways in terms of sustainability, in terms of maintaining the infrastructure, having the right staff and appropriate medications on sight. So these are little victories for us in the sense that we have excellent physicians, excellent nurses, excellent support staff but as you know the environment is also a part of the healing and if you come in here and close your eyes and wake up in the morning you won’t be sure where you are, you might definitely say that you’re not at Karl Heusner but again with that suspension of disbelief we want that the expectation is going to be this, that coming to us, that from within going outward we want to change the whole environment along with the systems that we have, the quality of care and of course to make it better for our Belizean population.”

This particular project by Atlantic Insurance is valued at about twenty thousand dollars.  Previous initiatives have taken place in recent years via PetroCaribe, the Rotary Club of Belize and the Belize Bank Limited.