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KHMH Receive Donation of Medical Supplies from JP Association

The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) today received a donation of medical equipment. The donation was done through the Association of Justices of the Peace and Commissioners of the Supreme Court. The donation included three oxygen tanks, one jerry chair, a body lifter, a medical bed and a heart monitor. President of the Association, Adrian “Danny” Madrid handed over the equipment to the Director of Nursing Services at the KHMH Marilyn Black. 

Adrian Danny Madrid, President, National Justices of the Peace Association: “We know that the elderly need help, we know the hospitals need help so we are here to give you these items and it won’t be the first time but we will continue to do that as we are opening more chapters in the United States and we believe that more help will be coming to Belize. Electronic bed which is very expensive, some heart monitors, we have pampers, surgical gloves.”

Marilyn Black, Director of Nursing Services, KHMH: “On behalf of Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority we are more than grateful to receive your donations because here at KHMH we work towards improving patient care and at the same time preserving life. We are greatly in need for all those supplies that you can see on the table so that we can improve on the quality of care that we give to our patients on a daily basis.” 

Madrid says the donation is valued at over one thousand seven hundred dollars.