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KHMH receiving assistance from the Government

As the rise in numbers continues with each daily infographic the Ministry of Health indicated on Friday that the Government of Belize has been assisting the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in meeting its demands particularly as they relate to care of Covid-19 patients.  According to the ministry’s CEO Dr George Gough the support to the KHMH includes finances and equipment.

Dr. George Gough, CEO, Ministry of Health: “We have continued to give them full support with full subvention that institution has not lost anything with subvention they used before the COVID pandemic. Also we have given them support to infrastructure when it comes to modifications that had to be done and we have been quietly been given them support when it comes to equipment. Presently we’re looking at small infrastructure expansions to be able to handle and hold patients that are waiting for results because sometimes we misinterpret the numbers that are actually at Karl Heusner waiting for results as patients within the COVID tertiary unit so we have to be careful. For example they had a number of eight patients in that unit yesterday or today but not all of them – some of them-  were waiting for results. So that had been discussed and presently we’re discussing how we can secure a separate area for them to support them. When it comes to the response compensation that the Honorable Prime Minister promised a few months back that has been done in its initial stage and that has been given out to both the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and to the community and regional hospitals directly related to the front line workers. One of the things I want to go on record and be clear is that these lists were formulated by the regional managers, epidemiological team and obviously with some of the workers within the regions and some employees at this time might have not been included because when the initial lists were done they were not in the COVID structure or in the COVID roster. Now I know we will have to deal with that issue because we have a few of them that have been now working COVID for the last two three weeks that were not put on that initial list.”