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KHMH Returns to a “New Normal”

Certain services at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital were interrupted since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Visiting hours were also adjusted to comply with COVID-19 regulation and minimize the spread of the virus. But as the infection continues to be controlled, Chair of the KHMHA board Dr Andre Sosa explains that services are returning to normal.

Dr.Andre Sosa, Chair, KHMH Board:We had to suspend certain services because of the need to create a new service all together, a COVID service which by the way required shifting about two million dollars of resources to make the necessary infrastructure changes to acquire supplies and equipment to pay for the staff to provide the service in those areas. One of the consequences of that was that we had to shift our emergency department, we had to close down the outpatient clinic and we had to curtail our physiotherapy service as well which is difficult because patients rely on those services but also because they serve as income generating centers for us and as I stressed we get a subvention and then we have to make it work. So if you’re not getting the income from those areas then that puts an additional strain apart from having to shift those resources to do management of COVID. Now we recently restarted the outpatient clinics and physiotherapy is ongoing. We are very concerned about the need to provide those services because it is not only a means of generating income but we also don’t want to leave our patients without vital treatments, vital follow up, diabetes patients, patients pending surgeries and so on because the longer you leave those other services unattended the greater the risk for patients to start to suffer complications, for the backlog of surgeries to increase. So it’s a balancing act that we’re trying to handle now.”