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KHMH Seeking to Collect Funds Owed by Past Patients

And while it is very commendable that the KHMH is raising the bar in Belize’s medical sector there is a major setback that the hospital has been experiencing for years. Up to news time tonight the patients who have been treated at the KHMH have racked up bills amounting to over thirty five million dollars. In speaking with Love News, Dr Andre Sosa says they have had to come up with innovative and strategic ways to collect from those owing the facility.

Dr.Andre Sosa, Board Chairman, KHMH: “We’re looking at strategies for collection and part of it of course has to come from us. Our staff has to be motivated to do the leg work, to do the hard work and we’re working on that already. There are incentives that we plan to offer to encourage greater collection. Also previously there was no leeway for giving discounts, we’re already taking steps in that regard to offer substantial discounts for persons who come into make payments so those will be made known shortly. But of course we’re also looking at other strategies and some innovative recommendations have been made. We were looking at everything because in the end we need to have money to be able to provide the level of services that our people require. When the borders closed and we were forced to do everything here in country people came to understand that sometimes you have to stand on your feet. You say we are a dependent nation we must ask that way. It will require substantial will both political as well as administrative. We’re looking to get the support to make sure that we’re able to collect on a substantial portion of that amount. It is only in doing that that we will be able to bring Karl Heusner into the 21st Century and that we can create a dependable service, a dependable hospital that can be the pride of all Belizeans.”