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Live Update COVID-19

📣 PATIENT #4: FOURTH COVID-19 CASE CONFIRMED IN THE COUNTRY.                      📣 Dr. Marvin Manzanero has confirmed that the 4th infected person is a 55 year old man of San Ignacio Town.                      📣 This may be the first indication of a community spread.                      📣 The DHS urges everyone to adhere to the regulations under the State of Emergency which will prove essential in mitigating the spread of the virus.                      📣 As of 6pm on Thursday April 2nd there have been 115 people screened, 25 are now under investigation and still only 3 have tested positive..                      📣 Stay Home. Stay Safe…
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KHMH staff receives 14% increase on salary

Last week, the Chair of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority and the staff successfully managed to negotiate on the way forward. The staff members will receive a fourteen percent increase after committing to be more participatory and efficient. The increase will cost the KHMH one point six million dollars more per year but for now they have the financial backup from the Government since several cabinet ministers were involve in the negotiations. But what about the longer run? Will the increase of salary cause the hospital to increase their fees? We asked the Chair of the KHMHA, Chandra Nisbet-Cansino last week.

” Everything is being looked at. We are reviewing the fee schedule because in a lot of cases what is being charged are based on old fee schedules and they don’t even reflect the basic cost of the procedures so those things are being reviewed perhaps the policies that are in place at this time for charging working people that might be reviewed but at this present time there are no changes being made to those but it is possible that those things will change in the future.”

Reporter: Is there any time line set for those reviews?

“When we sign our memorandum of understanding we will have a little more details as to timelines, commitments because any further request from staff, increases or benefits  will need to be based on performance, will need to be based on those types of things so we will have a little more detail as time goes by.”


A memorandum of understanding is expected to be signed soon by the parties.

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