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KHMH Staff Survives on GOB’s Subvention

Staff at the KHMH will not be affected by Government’s ten percent salary cut or increment freeze because they are not considered public servants and because the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital is an autonomous body that receives a monthly subvention from the Government. The KHMHA Workers’ Union had concerns that the subvention would be reduced given the country’s dire financial position. However, according to the newly appointed KHMHA Board Chair, Doctor Andre Sosa, since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak last year, plans had been put in motion to secure the financial status of the KHMH.

Dr.Andre Sosa, Chair, KHMH Board: “They devised, they came up with a series of cost cutting measures just in the invent that the economic situation would have deteriorated to such an extent that the subvention would have needed to be cut. The wisdom of that action is obvious now. The cost cutting measures included a freeze on hiring and a series of other measures like the postponement of the increments all with a view to save money for a rainy day and well that time is here now. The wisdom of the actions mean that they have done what is being asked now of the general public service. As they say we have to live within our means and that is what Karl Heusner did as usual leading the way in many aspects of service.”

Reporter: Do you know whether the board has been informed or whether or not the Ministry of Health and Wellness has informed the board that subventions for the hospital would not be touched ?

Dr.Andre Sosa, Chair, KHMH Board: “Yeah. We lobbied intensively, the representation was made to the Ministry of Finance. We are most grateful for the fact that in actual terms our subvention will remain essentially the same.”

Reporter: It won’t be touched in the near future at all ?

Dr.Andre Sosa, Chair, KHMH Board: “Well I can’t speak for the Ministry of Finance but I think that if the economic situation of the country does not deteriorate further that we will be able to count on that subvention that is so very important for Karl Heusner to continue to provide the services that the populace needs and that is again in the context of COVID vitally important for us to be able to continue operate.”