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KHMH to Receive One Point Five Million of GOB’s Five Million Dollar Debt to the Hospital

The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital is looking forward to receiving one point five million dollars from the Ministry of Finance. The money is a part payment of the five million dollars owed to the hospital. Love News understands that the money has already been transferred to the Ministry of Health’s account and now it is left up to the ministry to disburse payment to the hospital. In speaking with the hospital’s Chairman, Dr. Andre Sosa, we learned that the board had to approach the Ministry of Finance directly in order to get some reprieve.

Dr.Andre Sosa, Board Chairman, KHMH: “The saying goes that he who feels it knows it and it is because of tha that the KHMH board has been in direct dialogue with the Ministry of Finance with the Financial Secretary. There is an ex officio member of the board of governors who represents the Ministry of Finance and she has fought very diligently to bring us to the point where we are happy to announce that $1.5 million has been released from the Ministry of Finance for the KHMH. That money goes first to the Ministry of Health and Wellness and I hope they understand that we need to get our money now essentially. We’ve been asking for this for a many months now and it’s high time that we get our money. The patient’s money if I must add at this point. 

Reporter: So now the hospital is just waiting for that transfer from the Ministry of Health to the hospital correct ?

Dr.Andre Sosa, Board Chairman, KHMH: “Yes. We are waiting for those monies to be freed so that we can buy urgently needed supplies and that also that we can comply with our commitments to suppliers.”

Reporter: Now do I understand correctly that basically the board had to undertake direct negotiations or direct communications with the Ministry of Finance in order to get to this point ? 

Dr.Andre Sosa, Board Chairman, KHMH: “The Karl Heusner Act grants us a degree of autonomy and we exercise that autonomy in undertaking urgent negotiations with the Ministry of Fiance which thankful was very receptive to our urgent appeal.”
Once the one point five million dollars are deposited into the hospital’s account, Dr. Sosa says it would be up to the purview of the CEO, Chandra Nisbet Cansino to decide how the funds will be used. He noted that there are bills to be paid but there are also upgrades needed at the facility.

Dr.Andre Sosa, Board Chairman, KHMH: “With $1.5 million it might sound like a lot of money but considering the debts we’ve amassed in dealing with COVID and other things it’s not a huge amount of money in the scheme of things. It will be up to the CEO to determine what are the priorities in terms of the use of this money but certainly the board will be there to provide guidance but ultimately the CEO has to make the decision as to what gets paid first and what other things we need to procure. In terms of equipment we are looking at some smaller stuff. We have gotten commitments for example to help us with the procurement of a PCR machine. The bigger things like for example outfitting the radiology department with all the necessary equipment like new ultrasounds, perhaps a new CT scanner, an MRI machine and all the other fixed assets like x rays and so on. We are looking at a plan to deal with that in a comprehensive manner not just the hodgepodge quick fix that has characterized the running of the ministry or the running of the hospital for the last twenty five years.”

In tomorrow’s newscast, we’ll tell you of the estimated thirty-five million dollars owed by the public for medical services provided.