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KHMH Union and Management Meet to discuss issues

On Monday the KHMH Union met with the management of the hospital to iron out issues that union leaders had identified. Issues include disciplinary actions taken against staff without due process and instructions given to security officers to harass specific employees. Union leaders also expressed discontent with the apparent nonpayment of uniform allowances and the difficulties encountered to meet with the Chief Executive Officer. That person is Chandra Nisbet-Cansino who was hired to the post in September 2021. Nisbet-Cansino told Love News today that the issues were addressed. 

Chandra Nisbet Cansino, CEO, KHMH: “The union had requested a meeting. I think one of the main postponements came because of nurses week. Indeed there are a few concerns that they brought up which is routine. We meet with them – I think I’ve met with them three times since I’ve been at the hospital, it wasn’t with the board it was with management and we addressed all of the issues that they raised. Yes we are like many other institutions still reeling and unraveling from the economic impacts that covid has caused and so the delay in those uniform allowances had been for a couple years and so indeed staff is very much entitled to those allowances and so we’re trying to chart a way forward and a schedule of payments so that we can ensure that they get those payments that are due to them.”

In relation to the uniform allowances, Love News is in possession of a memo dated May 9 2022. In that memo, staff are told that effective June 6 all staff members are required to wear their KHMHA uniforms as per policy. All male members of staff are expected to adhere to the chosen styles/colors. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary actions. Male staff members are given three hundred dollars to assist in buying uniform pants and shirts. Human Resource Director Lennie Leslie writes that (quote) both shirts and pants can be found ONLY at Tropicana Store (formerly Gaylords).” (unquote) Now, some staff members are upset because a highly placed person in authority at the KHMH has interests in Tropicana, giving the appearance of a conflict of interest. But CEO Nisbet-Cansino explained that Tropicana has been used to purchase uniforms before there was a change in leadership at the hospital. 

Chandra Nisbet Cansino, CEO, KHMH: “The males use Dickie’s pants if I’m not mistaken that has always been the place where they source the Dickie’s pants from so I’m not too sure at this point in time if there is a conflict of interest then certainly we will address it but historically Gaylords and whatever is the name now has always been the place where we purchase those sorts of uniforms so if that is a concern of theirs we are more than willing to address it.”

We are told that Tropicana is the only authorised representative for Dickie’s in Belize.