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KHMH Workers Stand in Solidarity with Unions

According to the KHMHA Workers Union, the Prime Minister was reminded of the former Prime Minister’s pledge of a financial aid package for frontline medical workers. Vice President, Andrew Baird says that the package never materialized and many medical workers have incurred additional expenses to carry out their duties.

Andrew Baird, Vice President, K.H.M.H. Workers Union: “The then prime minister made the promise of a package that never came through, rather we saw certain public officers within the Ministry of Health and I believe the other front line personnel who have received certain amount of money as a part of a compensation but we never did receive any package of any sort or any type of relief per se to assist the workers or the front line workers at Karl Heusner with their expenses. We know that there have been some staff who incurred babysitting expenses and stuff like that because they had to stay away from their families in the early on of COVID for some two weeks or so. We have been discussing this with Karl Heusner but we haven’t been able to get any positive answer in reference to compensation back to these people who have incurred these costs. This union believes that no employee should incur any personal cost on behalf of its employer to do extra work or to do work required because of COVID or any other natural disaster.”

Reporter:  So I guess probably down the road you’d look at that with the new administration.

Andrew Baird, Vice President, K.H.M.H. Workers Union: “Definitely. I believe maybe next week or sometime such we’ll be meeting with the board of governors and the management and we will reinforce these things as well as to get better understanding as we go forward what is their intention if the effect of a subvention cut.”

Baird adds that during the meeting, the KHMHA Board was also discussed. He says that the government agreed to have a union representative sit on the board.

Andrew Baird, Vice President, K.H.M.H. Workers Union: “We have been clamoring from 2015 to get a union representative on the board of governors for KHMH however that would have to take the political will to amend the constitution and today we get the commitment from the Minister of Health that he is committed to see this through and to make a table with the Attorney General to do a paper as to get an amendment to the Cabinet for a union representative to be on the board of governors. So we will hold him to this commitment and that will be a step forward for us in reference to know what is going on at KHMH. We also hear him speak of the UNCAC legislation and the whistle blowers legislation that there’s a commitment from the government to see these through it’s just a matter of time.”