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KHMHAU President Says there is a need to Secure Insurance Packages for Union Members

Andrew Baird is the new president of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Workers Authority Union. Elections took place last week and Baird is joined by Vice President Tylon Tillett and a new executive which includes Secretary, Evan Dawson; Assistant Secretary, Elza Nah; Treasurer, Dr. Nekisha Flowers and Assistant Treasurer, Roy Briceno. Baird says one of the priorities of the executive is to secure an insurance package for union members.

Andrew Baird, President, KHMHA Workers Union: “As a part of my campaign and as a part of the campaign in total by all the presidential candidates one of the things we call campaigned on was to lobby for an insurance package for all the staff at KHMH so definitely that is on the forefront of things  to pursue and lobby for an insurance package especially now that COVID is here and seeing that it is not going away. But not just for COVID but there are many other hazardous and contagious diseases that we deal with on a whole here as caregivers within the institution so we believe that an insurance package at this time is optimum for the staff at Karl Heusner. From the union’s perspective we’ll be looking at the insurance package from two fold. One we look at an external package from one of the insurance policy makers or providers outside of KHMH but if that – because we have to look for something hat is going to be fitted for all the staff of Karl Heusner as we already know that there are people in the institution with underlying conditions and comorbidities and stuff like that so we have to look for something that will fit but if we cannot get a provider to give an insurance package for all outside of Karl Heusner we may want to look within the institution how we can formulate our own insurance policy because we’re already a healthcare provider so most of the services that our staff may need is already here at Karl Heusner so we have to also look at it from that standpoint but definitely that is on the forefront of things to do for the union.”