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KHMH’s staff making Christmas magical for patients

The staff of Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) worked tirelessly to transform the hospital into a spectacular Christmas atmosphere so that their patients can experience Christmas. Love News spoke with Tylon Tillett, Public Relations Manager who said that the initiative is a competition amongst the staff

Tylon Tillett – Public Relations Manager, KHMH

“We encourage the different units in the hospital to use their creativity, to show the Christmas spirit. Not because you are in here and you are sick, means that we’ll not try to spread cheer so as a staff and as team building exercise we encourage the staff to come together and display their creativity for the public using medical stuff that we might have already used; you know different little aspects of their work we have asked them to incorporate in coming up with a design to spread cheer for our patients.

Love News also spoke with Nurse Neroli Williams, the Unit Manager of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit who shared about the initiative.”

Neroli Williams, Unit Manager of Neonatal Intensive Care

“Doing this we try to give people a different feeling when they come into the unit. It is Christmas time and we want people to feel the Christmas spirit. So, although you have sick ones, loved ones in the hospital; feeling this Christmas cheer. It’s joyous for us to see the parents happy as well. We at the intensive care unit we try to do our hundred percent of course, after all, it is a competition; so, this year we decided to do Bethlehem city and transition from Candyland. We have one hundred percent of staff participation, it took us like one month, two to three weeks to prepare, everything you see here is handmade, the houses, the river, the nativity scene, the candies the Christmas tree, everything is made by hand and everybody participated; people come from their day off to work sometimes eight hours, sixteen hours, people stay back eight-ten hours after their shift is finished to do the decorations.”

Tillett said that the three main areas that participated in the competition were Accident and Emergency, General Medical Ward, and Neonatal Intensive Care Ward. Tillett added that apart from taking care of a person’s health, the hospital also provides positivity through initiatives like this one.