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Kidnapping Trial against William Danny Mason and Et al. Continues

Murderer William “Danny” Mason and his accomplices Ernest Castillo, Keiron Fernandez and Ashton Vanegas were back at the Belmopan magistrate court this morning. The four convicted criminals are on trial for the 2016 kidnapping of Lloyd and Rosie Friesen. The couple alleges that the men abducted them and took them to Mason’s farm where their lives were threatened. The accused men were identified in a group which they say is a problem. Attorney for Ashton Vanegas Norman Rodriguez explained. 

Norman Rodriguez, Attorney: “We came to court to participate in what is called ‘a trial within a trial,’ a voir dire, in relation to the identification that was done in relation to these five men. The group identification was held and some of the defendants are objecting to that being tendered as a part of the evidence. 

Reporter: Why?

Norman Rodriguez, Attorney: “Well, it will always be about procedure. They are saying certain things which I personally will not reveal at this time but that the process that was followed, that there were errors in it and as a result, they don’t want the identification to be tendered as heard or to be allowed into evidence because if they are successful then it may mean that the case against those men is finished. Different attorneys will look for ways to either weaken or completely put an end to the prosecution’s case. That is why if we are successful in this it means that some of our clients, the case against them may end. There will be other evidence but if you are not allowed to identify, the person isn’t in court, what they call a duck identification, then it means that you don’t have a defendant against whom you are bringing any case at all.” 

The matter was adjourned to the end of November.