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Kieran Killed 4 Months After His Brother Was Shot

Kingsley Morrison - DJ VibezOne man is dead and another is hospitalized following a shooting incident last night in Belize City.  Last night at around eight thirty, twenty year old Kieran Morrison and eighteen year old Kent Brooks Jr. were socializing on La Croix Boulevard in the Lake Independence area when they came under fire from a sole gunman on a bicycle. Today, Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams said the incident is gang related.


“Upon arrival police observed one Keiron Morrison and one Kent Brooks, both were suffering from gunshot wounds they had sustained as a result of a shooting in that area. Both men were transported to the KHMH where Kieron Morrison succumbed to his injuries shortly thereafter. Brooks is currently admitted in a critical condition at the KHMH. We believe that it is gang related based on what we have gathered so far and that you would know that there are two gangs operating in the St.Martin’s area, you have the PIV and the Backaland crowd and there are instances where some of them are living in what is called the territory of the other and this is one of those circumstances but you would agree with me that this is no reason for them to be killing out themselves.”

Police have detained two persons. Assistant Commissioner Williams spoke of why police were not in the area at the time, as a checkpoint is just a few blocks from where the shooting occurred.


“From what we gather there was one shooter, there may be a vehicle involved and as to the amount of expended shells I will not go down that road. These are the things that glorify these young men when the media puts out that so many shells are found, that glorifies them. We are not prepared to charge anybody at this time so in light of that I will not be giving too much information where they are concerned. I will only say that we have two persons of interest in custody and our investigation continues. The St.Martin’s area has expanded significantly  and we try to see as best as we can to be able to police the St.Martin’s area, it’s very challenging and yes we had our patrols in place but because the area is so huge the patrols have other areas to cover. The truth is that we were not focusing too much on these types of crimes in that area because it has been dormant where shootings are concerned for a long time and we are more focusing on preventing the burglaries and so forth which have become more prevalent in the area. So you’d find that the officers would not be on that Lacroy Boulevard as often as they would but try to cover the back areas where the burglaries were occurring to try to deter those types of crimes.”

Kimberly Michael arrived on the scene minutes after the shooting. She said she rushed out after hearing the shots since she had just sent her son to the store. She told us what she saw when she arrived on the scene.


“I saw Keiron Morrison on the ground lying but I was not focused on him I was focusing on Kent Brooks and I ran towards him and I screamed for him and when I turned him over I started hitting him in the face to try to wake up and that is how he ended up responding to me and I asked him who shot him. He told me then that he didn’t know who shot him so I asked him where he got shot and he told me in his chest so I lifted his shirt but didn’t see any bullet holes so I was telling him that he didn’t get shot. I turned him over and didn’t see any bullet holes, he said that he got shot and that he was feeling it. It was not until I turned him on the other side that I saw a bullet hole but he wasn’t bleeding and he was just bawling to me that he was going to die and that is all.”

Michael says she heard about seven shots.  She told us Morrison died shortly after he was shot.


Brooks remains in the Intensive Care Unit in a critical condition.