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Kifer Mes to Represent Belize at COY16

As the world focuses on COP21 in Glasgow, the city is also playing host to COY16, which is the Conference of the Youth. This is where youth representatives from all over the world are meeting to also discuss climate change and how it affects youth populations. Seventeen-year-old Kifer Mes is a delegate representing Belize and he told Senior Reporter Hipolito Novelo today about his expectations for this program.

Kifer Mes, Belize Delegate, COY16: “My expectations have been met so far. You know learning and networking with these different organizations it’s very very great to learn about these people, learning about their culture, learning about what they love to do, learning about their country and how their country will be fighting climate change as well. It is important for Belize first of all you know it’s like a history making because I have heard but not a lot of people attend COY you know but it was in the history making for Belize because being a young delegate being able to represent Belize was such a big task but I am going there networking with these different organizations, learning about them, being able to take their projects and experience home it’s very great especially for the young Belizeans that are coming up even older people as well teaching them about climate change and all these issues it will be great. It’s great.”

COY16 started yesterday and continues through to October 31. Love News will also be attending the COP21 and our Senior Reporter Hipolito Novelo will bring us to some key highlights of the program of events, which starts on Sunday. COP21 concludes on November 12.