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Body of Cayo Resident Found on Valley of Peace Road

The area is called Valley of Peace, but the Valley of Peace Road was anything but peaceful.  A man was violently killed and dumped on the road and his body was discovered today. Correspondent Fem Cruz followed the trail which led to the deceased man’s home in Camalote Village.

Fem Cruz Reporting: Based on information received some time after 8 o’clock this morning of a body found between Buena Vista Village and Valley of Peace village, Roaring Creek Police visited an area here on Farmers Road and saw the lifeless body of a male person lying in a pool of blood. Sr. Superintendent Linden Flowers explains.”

Sr. Superintendent Linden Flowers: “Belmopan Police received information, received a phone call that male person was seen lying in a pool of blood on the Farmers Express road about 2 ½ miles from the Valley of Peace junction heading to the Spanish Lookout area. Police responded to the scene where the Belmopan detectives discovered the lifeless body of a male person later identified to be Roshain Bevans of a Camalote address. The scene was processed during which time the police discovered that Bevans was shot to the face. Expended shells was discovered on the scene and the body was transported to Belmopan Hospital Morgue awaiting a post mortem. I am taking this opportunity to appeal to everyone in the area from the George Price Highway area that if you saw something yesterday evening between 7pm; somebody who have seen maybe Bevans was seen associating with somebody or if somebody saw something suspicious. Certainly vehicles were used to come to this location. I am appealing to the Police and I am also giving my cell number 6050407 to be the number to call for information if you have something confidential or you can use the regular telephone lines for Belmopan and Roaring Creek Police. This is Brother Fem Cruz  reporting from between Buena Vista and Valley of Peace Village for Love FM.”